KANGHYUK Reveals A Quartet Of Reebok Classic Leathers For AW21_Fashion at Your Feet


KANGHYUK’s relationship with Reebok has evolved dramatically in the past year, growing in tandem with the footwear brand’s meteoric rise. And for AW21, the two are keeping up the momentum, presenting not just one but four different takes on the beloved Classic Leather.


Distinct in both aesthetic and material, two of the total four take on a typical construction, executing relatively similar to the pairing’s Premier Road Modern offered in 2020. The Classic Leather retains its usual fabrication, bearing leathers from the toe to the heel. But to set itself apart, the leading white colorway dresses with red contrast stitch, outlining certain panels while also creating unique, circular shapes adjacent. A blue alternate is similarly done, though it blends together all features in a monochromatic fashion.

The season will also proffer KANGHYUK’s more limited, hand-done design language. Composed in either full red or white, the Classic Leather mirrors some of the Korean label’s most cherished mainline pieces. Patchwork runs replete throughout the exterior in a way similar to the collaboration’s earliest predecessors.

For a better look, see the images below. A release date is sure to surface closer to the AW21 season.

In other news, The Friends and Family READYMADE Blazer Mid was just revealed.

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