atmos And adidas Commission Three Tides Tattoo For A Fireworks-Dressed Superstar_Fashion at Your Feet


If 2021 is going to be anything like 2020, then atmos will surely end the year with a large collection of collaborations. Undoubtedly on track, the sneaker boutique is soon to add yet another release this week: an adidas Superstar made in partnership with Three Tides Tattoo.


Ukiyoemon Mitomoya‬, the artist behind the aforementioned tattoo shop, has laid both color and thin, well-crafted lines atop the Superstar’s side profile. Mt. Fuji is rendered in beautiful detail, its white, icy alps contrasted against the starry nighttime sky. What’s more, the scene is lit heavily by the adjacent fireworks whose red and cool-toned bursts dress from the forefoot to the heel. Elsewhere, the shell toe, midsole, and overlays are far more ordinary, bearing off-white shades all throughout. The laces, however, do add a touch of saturated blue, while the tongue label and the counter’s attached hangtag sport a light pink and dark red, respectively.

For a look at this upcoming release, see below. According to atmos, it’s due to release on March 6th overseas. A stateside release has not been confirmed.

In other news, the adidas Yeezy Boost 350 v2 Mono Pack features some new, visible cages.

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