Craig Green And adidas Deliver Second Wave Of Collaborations With The Polta And Graddfa_Fashion at Your Feet


adidas, with their already extensive network of collaborators, has amassed a wealth of notable releases this past year alone. And while Human Made, Pharrell, and Jonah Hill have done well to infuse a streetwear element into the Superstar’s 30th anniversary, designer Craig Green has operated with an unmatched creative freedom as he explores the high fashion end of the spectrum. Enamored with form instead of function, the British stalwart’s latest range of silhouettes captures two distinct philosophies with the very same model. The Kamanda, which goes by the Polta Akh and Graddfa Akh here, opt for scale-like textures, see-through synthetic, and an overall aesthetic emblematic of Green’s mainline collection.


Revealed on the runway prior, the entire capsule has been expected for quite a long time. While the previous made use of cushioning fabrications and a relatively monochromatic appeal, the newest set piece entices by way of loud, aggressive maximalism. The Polta Akh, though somewhat simpler relative to its complement, arrives in three different variations: a reddish brown, a mixed grey, and a darker black. While notably more understated, each makes up for what it lacks with an interestingly transparent construction that masks an underlying set of patterns with a resin-like filter.

Similar in that its pairs arrive in threes, the Graddfa Akh distinguishes itself with its pleasantly excessive use of texture. In near mimicry of the tooling, the upper scales to an abstract degree, shrouding nearly every overlay in an alternating pattern. The tongue, heel counter, toe box, and everything in between are all the mercy of the same execution, with color taking to one core palette of white, red, or greenish grey.

Grab a detailed look at the entire selection right here and expect to find them at as well as select retailers on July 2nd for $300 USD a piece.

In other news, the Yeezy Quantum Barium drops tomorrow.

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