VAINL ARCHIVE To Release Two Takes Of The Reebok Instapump Fury In May_Fashion at Your Feet


Already with a small handful of collaborations behind them, Kohei Okita of VAINL ARCHIVE and Reebok have somewhat recently banded together to produce the “eightyone” collection, a small, ever-growing series that nods to the international calling code of +81 that helps connect Japan with the rest of the world. The first release, which saw to a strong range of apparel as well as two Zig Kineticas, is now mirrored with new items — the lead role taken by an Instapump Fury duo.


Though both essentially share the same palette, they’re distinct in their choice of color blocking as some tones are used in vastly different manners. One places navy at the helm, using it across the entirety of the bladder. Pumps at the tongue as well as the air release nodule nearby see to lighter shades, ones that match that of the midsole whose greenish blue is far distinct from the light purples at the heel as well as the white neutrals that lie at the base. Alternatively, the pair adjacent hints far darker overall as the same faded reddish hue is given a much broader display as it dresses the inflating overlay. Heels boldly mark with a much darker variation while the cool tones seen prior are hidden underneath the complementing panels. Garments, whose focus is secondary relative to the aforementioned shoes, simply place logos atop tees, soccer tops, and a selection of shorts.

Grab a detailed look at the capsule here and expect to find each offering at later this May.

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