Silver Accessories Arrive Alongside This Inverted Set Of Nike Air Force 1s_Fashion at Your Feet


Thanks to their avid experimentation, Nike has landed on and subsequently fostered a number of new ideas. Most recently, the brand has picked up an interest in jewelry and accessories, adding them in various forms to silhouettes like the Blazer Mid, Air Max 97, and, of course, the Air Force 1.


Here, the latter takes the leading role yet again, offering two interpretations of the same idea. And while their look may be distinct, the two are but opposite sides to the same coin, their colorways effectively an inverse of the other. One prefers darker tones, using black atop the forefoot, eye stay, and counter, while white hits detail elsewhere. Its alternate completely flips this exact layout, though the metallic dubrae, branding, and charms are carried over with very few changes.

For a closer look at both options, see below. A release is sure to appear on soon.

In other news, the Air Jordan 1 Prototype drops this September.

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Nike Air VaporMax 2021 FK Dark Atomic Teal

Nike Air VaporMax 2021 FK Dark Atomic Teal

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Yeezy 450 Dark Slate

Yeezy 450 Dark Slate

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Football Shoe Portable Storage Bag

Football Shoe Portable Storage Bag

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